As you can see, there has been quite the overhaul! I've been learning more about html, css and even some javascript coding, which has now lead me to this stage!

As mentioned in the previous stage of my website, I will keep adding/revamping more things as I go on my journey, which means yes, this site is far from being in a completed state - so once again I thank you for joining me!

Welcome to Roachstarz 2.0!


Roachstarz 2.0 is live!

This was quite scary to do if I'm honest, but I'm also really happy that I did! And as you can see I am not doing much to hide my sonic obsession anymore- Sorry about that! I hope you guys like it anyway. leave me a comment in the chatbox or my guestbook and let me know what you think!

There are a few more things I'm working on!

I want to implement a lot more interactive things on this site, sadly that is way easier said than done but I'll get something done! (eventually)

I love being able to make whatever I want on this site which is why I try my best to continue working on it. Sorry if updates are a bit all over the place!

Maybe I should make a to-do list...

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