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This will be my personal website to keep all things in one place! I'm doing this as a hobby and teaching myself html as I go. So if you're interested in seeing how that goes, stick around!

I will update and change this website as time goes on and I learn more about the process of setting it all up, so keep checking back to see how the site evolves!


I don't exactly know what I'm gonna use all of these spaces for, maybe more images, maybe ramblings, who knows! This whole process is mainly just me going to wing it and add in stuff that I simply like/enjoy.

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Neocities/Indie Web Etiquette!

Whether you are a webmaster or simply surfing on neocities as a visitor, there are some general etiquette rules that you can follow to better everyone's experience. I've noted down a few points that can help you be a good web surfer :)

1. Remember! Artists have feelings too.

When you're visiting someone's website it's like looking at a drawing.
You know there is someone behind making the piece and it is no different with a website here. Please remember that each webmaster is a real person that puts passion and effort into making their sites.

Respect them as you would with any other person both online and offline.

As well as their work!

These are all PERSONAL websites that each webmaster created for themselves based on their own interests and hobbies. This is a passion-driven environment made by people for other people.

And with every piece of art, you should also respect the creator’s wishes when it comes to their work being shared online. Just because it’s publicly online, doesn’t mean that everyone is comfortable with their work being shared throughout the internet without their knowledge.

If you want to share someone’s website publicly on another social-media platform because you like the look of it, please remember to ASK the creator before doing so!

This is just common courtesy and respect, you wouldn’t want your content shared on another platform without your consent so why should you do it with people’s websites just to get a little clout? (Yes I’m looking at you TikTok)

Again, PLEASE respect the creator’s wishes when it comes to their own content. Have some decency.

2. Stealing someone's website code.

Now I know what some people are going to say: "Oh but these websites are open source! so I can just take any code from a cool website I like, right?"

Yeah. You could. Doesn't mean you should.

It's basic courtesy to not do this sort of thing. If you spent hours, days and weeks coding your website to your perfection and then someone came in, took all that work and used it on their site, wouldn't you feel frustrated by it?

What I and many other webmasters recommend you do when you see a website that you really REALLY like the look of and want to make something similar, is to look at the code and REFERENCE it.

Don't just Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V it into your site. Look through it, LEARN from it and then you can use that as a basis for your own code.

Figure out what each bit of code does, and then implement it to elements of your site!

Don't get discouraged if it looks "too complicated" or you don't understand it, Google is your friend and there is vast knowledge across many blogs and forums. I know it may look daunting at first but there are many tutorials available to you!

I highly encourage you to look at W3Schools as it has so many useful HTML and CSS resources for you to learn! As well, there are many video tutorials that you can find on youtube to help you through the process of coding.
You can also check out the official neocities HTML course! It covers all the basics of learning HTML and CSS coding for your own website. - Neocities

There are also many kind webmasters who have created tutorials to help new coders. They contain a lot of interesting and very useful information as well!

Some of my favorite ones are: - LEARN WEB DESIGN WITH DOKODEMO! - - Melon’s let's make the World Wide Web! - - Heartspace’s tutorial blogs -

3. Taking code.

Now this point is going to be similar to the previous one, however this goes beyond stealing code from a Neocities site and into Carrds.

Lately there has been an influx of Carrd users ’moving’ their website into neocities simply by copying the code off their card and dropping it on the neocities editor. And some even go as far as to remove the “made with” watermark.

Don’t. Just don’t.

Like mentioned in the previous point, you can take it to learn from it as you would with an art reference, but you wouldn’t trace it and claim it as your own would you?

Carrd is a drag and drop website maker with pre-coded assets - neocities is not.

With Neocities, you have so much more potential to build something truly unique to you as an individual if you put in the passion and effort to create your own code.

Do not look at neocities as simply “the carrd alternative”. That is insulting towards the community, which brings me to my next point.

4.Respect the community as a whole.

If you look at the ABOUT section of neocities, you can find what everyone in the community strives for.

“We are tired of living in an online world where people are isolated from each other on boring, generic social networks that don't let us truly express ourselves.
It's time we took back our personalities from these sterilized, lifeless, monetized, data mined, monitored addiction machines and let our creativity flourish again.

That's where Neocities comes in. We provide a canvas for people to make any web site they want. Whether it be a web site about something they're good at, something they love, something they hate, or their own completely customized profile where they can introduce themselves in a way that actually matters to them.

Our goal: to enable you to harness the creativity, beauty, and power of creating your own web site.
To rebuild the web we lost to automation and monotony, and make it fun again. Neocities is just getting started, and we've got a lot of amazing things in store.

I strongly believe that, with your help, we're really going to shake things up on the web. Thank you for believing in us (and yourselves).

Long Live the Web!”

As you can see, this is a community that promotes individuality and creativity for people.

If you come in to just copy code, take Carrd profiles or anything else that isn’t what this space is about, then you should not be here in the first place.

Appreciate the community for what it is, the art of coding and our goals. We are more than happy to welcome new webmasters that strive for a better web.

Let’s make it fun again. :)

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